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Development Log #3 ~Action Time

Greetings Captain,

For our vertical slice design-wise we aim to deliver a fun, challenging and engaging experience of players boarding a ship, navigating through its rooms accompanied by your squad whilst facing off against the enemy crew. Creating that gameplay starts by creating a barebones loop working for combat: Enemy can shoot the player, player can get damaged, player can die, player respawns and tries again. Now we have players and enemies fighting against each other. The only issue was: It’s not fun or engaging!

Our solution to this is on one end creating a meaningful challenge for the player and on the other end providing the player with varying meaningful solutions. Meaningful challenge is something we’re delivering with the enemies. Our initial basic enemy was clearly not doing a good job of trying to kill the player. We’re in the process of making it more aggressive, have it move around more, and communicating clearly to the player when it is going to take an action.

In addition to that, a new sniper enemy was developed that made use of our Ability system. Whilst the ability system would mainly be used to have the player obtain abilities by having them be assigned to their crew members, the functionality of our abilities allowed us to easily apply different behaviors to enemies as well. The sniper would be equipped with a piercing bullet, which could shoot straight through the player onto his other squad members. Area of effect damage is incredibly dangerous to the player and their squad. This way, the sniper with its high projectile speed offered quite a punishment for those players that couldn’t evade or defend against the shot. This also encouraged players to prioritize taking out the sniper enemy over the basic enemy.

Enhancements to the level by means of environmental hazards and cover offered additional challenged and solutions to the player. Environmental Hazards encouraged players to have to be more aware of their pathing inside a room, influencing player positioning. Cover allowed players to use their positioning to get to a more advantageous defensive position. Whilst it not being majorly important with the currently provided enemy challenge, the pillars in the level already greatly influence player movement and make navigating and fighting in the rooms a lot more interesting.

More tweaks are being made in these final weeks of pre-production, and week after week we are seeing our vertical slice growing more and more fun.

signing off,
Adriaan Scheepers,

Development Log #2 ~ PCG Magic

Hello everyone,

This week we have been hard at work on a tool to create procedural levels in our game, we called the tool Universe Tool. Our brave team of programmers have been working with QT to provide a tool for the rest to use.

Universe Tool

The tool utilizes grammar graphs and rules to create a level layout and outputs a file that unreal can then load and represent in a scene. This allows us not only to create a layout for the level, but also gameplay such as placing keys that unlocks other rooms or boss rooms. We are confident this will let us create amazing levels like the one below:

A outsourcing team using Houdini are creating room templates for us to use, this allows for a lot of variations in rooms as shown below:

Hopefully the tool will be complete soon so we can share more about its results! The next post we will show off some early gameplay of the game, showing off some very early prototypes we made.

Have a good flight captain,
Dave Ruptash
Lead Programmer
Team Double Doors

Development Log #1 ~The Concept


Throughout our development we will be posting updates and sharing our progress with anyone interested to read! Following is an update on design and art department. They’re excited to show you what they have been working on. Take a look:

The Captain of A Crew

As a captain of a space vessel tasked to explore the galaxy, you face off against the hordes of evil, accompanied by your loyal crew whose skills and teamwork allow you to overcome any challenge both within enemy ships as well as in the hidden waters of space.
When players board ships or space stations you are able to gather your most trusted crew members to join you on your mission to vanquish the evildoers or maybe just, claim some loot? Check out the some early concept art!
When exploring space you are bound to run into evildoers or other adversaries that will not see eye to eye with your ideals. Here’s some early concept art of a player blasting an enemy warship:
Your crew members will provide you with valuable insight and skills to allow you to defeat more evildoers and explore the mysterious sectors of space. Overcoming challenges will reward you with special pieces of equipment and perhaps new friends!

Defining the Look

With our reference being drawn from science pulp fiction the artist wanted to create something that not only retained that authentic feel but also felt new and refreshing. This is an illustration of the effect we want to shader to have on our objects:

Creating the look

After they defined a visual reference for what we wanted we could start creating it! This is the first step towards creating the final shader which means the final product will look even better!
Next up we’ll be showing you some gameplay so stay tuned!
Nick Guilliams and the Double Door Team.

Hello World

Welcome to Double Door Games Development logs.

On this platform we will post various updates about our project called ‘Captain Starshot’, such as design choices, art mock ups and tools used or created. We look forward to getting feedback from the community.


See you soon captain,
Dave Ruptash