Development Log #11 – AI voices

Hello there Captains,

Today we are going to talk about some experimentation we have been doing during the development of captain starshot.

While developing captain starshot we have been experimenting with AI generated voice lines, which have successfully made it to the game!

We have been using advanced deep learning techniques to try and generate high-quality voice acting in our game.
The architecture we have been using is called Tacotron-2 and has been proven to provide high-quality audio based on text!

If you want to check some examples click here!

Over 16 weeks we have been training two AI voices to be able to generate audio files for us which in turn where used as voice lines for the game.
In the end, 140 voice lines that the net generated have made it to the game which would not be possible without this architecture.

If you want to check the code used go to our github page linked here!

Don’t forget to download the game at

We hope you are enjoying the game and have a good day, Captain out.

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