Development Log #10 – Release is upon us!

Hello there Captains,

Our exciting but difficult adventure full of long hours, countless conversations and brain crushing work has finally brought us to this moment. With great pride we can finally announce that

Captain Starshot has arrived!

As you know, but we like to officially say anyway,
Captain Starshot is humanity’s greatest hero and the aliens worst nightmare. Together with his loyal crew, the Captain is tasked to take on invading aliens and their vicious overlord to save humanity!

You can download the game now on steam for free!

We would also like to present to you our latest Early Access Launch Trailer that shows off the game and its finest moments.

Captain Starshot – Early Access Launch Trailer

We sincerely hope you all will enjoy the game! We would like to hear your feedback and opinion about the game as well so make sure to write your review and rate the game on Steam! We have been working very hard but want to keep improving and working with dedication on this game until the end of our school year.

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Double Door Games signing off

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