Development Log #7 – Captain Starshot back to work.

Welcome back captain.

Having returned from a 3 week holiday the team is ready to get back to work. The focus right now is to get the game ready for early access. This means tying up loose ends and making sure there are no massive bugs present anymore. Players falling through the ground and such…
I will be getting into the specifics a bit later. First to entertain your eyes here is some eye candy:

Improvements made on the visuals when fighting big space ships.

For the next couple of weeks we will be focusing on the following:

  1. Smoothing out the boarding and un-boarding
    1. Un-boarding from anywhere on the ship.
    2. Teleporting visual effects for the player.
    3. Button press boarding. No more holding. Players are able to board after destroying all turrets.
  2. Expand on the level generation quality
    1. New rules for generation.
    2. New room layouts.
  3. Objectives for on foot
  4. Replacing on foot visual placeholders rectifying visual bugs:
    1. Rolling enemy model.
    2. Apply death effect to rolling enemy.
  5. Rectifying visual bugs
  6. Revamping space movement
    1. WS accelerates the ship and AD turns the ship.
    2. You can’t decelerate under the minimum speed of the ship.
    3. Collisions are handled properly.
  7. Visual improvements for the boss
  8. Options menu
  9. Improved player feedback for abilities
    1. Adding in visual effects for abilities.
    2. Changing the visuals of the bullets based on modifiers picked up.
  10. Options menu
  11. Ability and upgrade rarity system

You will be seeing these updates in steam as well as the blog posts so stay tuned 🙂

Signing off,

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