Development Log #9 – Homestretch

Welcome back, Captain.
The team has been hard at work on the finishing touches for most of the games features. Here is a little bit of what you can expect to play very soon.

Upgrades! Augment your captain and crew with various items of human and alien origin.

Upgrades are split into two categories: Modifiers that alter your weapon statistics and Abilities that perform an action once you have satisfied their requirements. The latter proved a difficult design challenge for us to overcome.
Encouraging players to min-max their gameplay to optimizing the activation of their abilities is not an easy task. Several things played into this: tieing requirements to sensible actions, the affordance of the item visually in terms of the icon and vfx and written in the form of the description.
In the last two weeks we have focused on theming and affordance.

On-foot Combat! We have been tweaking the enemies and adding to the game feel in as many subtle ways as we could.

We’ve revised the color coding on projectiles for you to better be able to focus better on enemy projectiles, altered the camera to be able to see more in the direction in which you are aiming, reworked the camera kick to feel better while moving and introduced a slow down upon completing rooms to signal to the player that the combat is over.
All of these, in addition to behaviour and balance changes for most enemies to make them more unique and fairer are the changes you can look forward to.
Development wasn’t without its issues. Managing difficulty and difficulty scaling is an ongoing issue that we are currently looking to solve by perhaps creating enemy variety by combining existing elements, introducing new ways to spawn enemies, and adjusting enemy health.

Comms! What use is roaming the galaxy with no one to talk to. Pick up communications from both friend and foe.

Our comms system is working dual purpose, both to provide useful hints and guidance to the player and to give the world flavour.
We’ve gone through several iterations of this system to finally get to something you can look forward to every time you play.

This and more will be coming to early access, which is just around the corner!

Stay tuned,
Double D.

Development Log #8 – Space Improvement

Greetings Captains,
This past week we have been focusing on making improvements in the Space section of our game.

Here is a sample of our soundtracks for space for you to enjoy while you read this post!

Based on feedback, we reworked the player ship movement and control scheme to make it feel spicier.
The enemy ships now feature more types of turrets: mortars, lasers and shield generators.
On top of that, we made this ships more boss-like, by introducing different stages where new turrets replace previously destroyed ones.

We’ve also been working on improving the mood for space by creating new backgrounds.

Finally, we will be soon releasing the early access of the game on steam.

Stay tuned,
Double D.

Development Log #7 – Captain Starshot back to work.

Welcome back captain.

Having returned from a 3 week holiday the team is ready to get back to work. The focus right now is to get the game ready for early access. This means tying up loose ends and making sure there are no massive bugs present anymore. Players falling through the ground and such…
I will be getting into the specifics a bit later. First to entertain your eyes here is some eye candy:

Improvements made on the visuals when fighting big space ships.

For the next couple of weeks we will be focusing on the following:

  1. Smoothing out the boarding and un-boarding
    1. Un-boarding from anywhere on the ship.
    2. Teleporting visual effects for the player.
    3. Button press boarding. No more holding. Players are able to board after destroying all turrets.
  2. Expand on the level generation quality
    1. New rules for generation.
    2. New room layouts.
  3. Objectives for on foot
  4. Replacing on foot visual placeholders rectifying visual bugs:
    1. Rolling enemy model.
    2. Apply death effect to rolling enemy.
  5. Rectifying visual bugs
  6. Revamping space movement
    1. WS accelerates the ship and AD turns the ship.
    2. You can’t decelerate under the minimum speed of the ship.
    3. Collisions are handled properly.
  7. Visual improvements for the boss
  8. Options menu
  9. Improved player feedback for abilities
    1. Adding in visual effects for abilities.
    2. Changing the visuals of the bullets based on modifiers picked up.
  10. Options menu
  11. Ability and upgrade rarity system

You will be seeing these updates in steam as well as the blog posts so stay tuned 🙂

Signing off,