Development Log #4 ~Art/Audio Update!

Welcome back Captain,
This week we have been busy on implementing a lot of art and perfecting the image of our game. We hope you enjoy the following and look forward to hearing feedback.

Our first player ship. This will be the ship you use to pilot around the galaxy we have created. The colors are still a debate but for now we are content with it.

This is the space background for our current space sector. It is part of a parallax background which means different layers will move at different speeds based on the player. We hope that this will give the feeling of wanting to explore the game not only horizontal, but vertical! (Although this is not possible)

Our first finished piece of environment concept art, this was used as the baseline for the room we would have to finish for our vertical slice.

Credits: Kim de Graaf

Our first 3D environment! There will be a few more days of iterations before we deliver it, but it won’t drastically change. They style is clear and the motivation is ever higher!

An animation video of our current animations and character. These will be updated and refined but for now these work well.

We are working with Wellcooked Audio to set the tone and feel of the game through music and sound effects. We started off with a list of reference tracks ranging from sci-fi classics, surfer rock to orchestral epic scores. Give it a listen at Out of Space Radio playlist on spotify: LINK

After a lot of back and forth, Wellcooked created the following combat track meant to play while engaging in on-foot combat.: 1.01 track We were getting closer to the combining all the elements that we wanted. For our next iteration we focused on modifications to the synth to make it more appropriate to the time period, as well as removing any aspects that would take you out of the setting like the more complex drum patterns. This is where we are now:

Dungeon track v1.01
DungeonFilter v1.02

We have made a community discord as well as a youtube, twitter and other social media accounts. You can find the full list on our about page.

Have a good flight,
DoubleDoorGames team

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  1. Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I trulyenjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend anyother blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics?Thank you!

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