Development Log #2 ~ PCG Magic

Hello everyone,

This week we have been hard at work on a tool to create procedural levels in our game, we called the tool Universe Tool. Our brave team of programmers have been working with QT to provide a tool for the rest to use.

Universe Tool

The tool utilizes grammar graphs and rules to create a level layout and outputs a file that unreal can then load and represent in a scene. This allows us not only to create a layout for the level, but also gameplay such as placing keys that unlocks other rooms or boss rooms. We are confident this will let us create amazing levels like the one below:

A outsourcing team using Houdini are creating room templates for us to use, this allows for a lot of variations in rooms as shown below:

Hopefully the tool will be complete soon so we can share more about its results! The next post we will show off some early gameplay of the game, showing off some very early prototypes we made.

Have a good flight captain,
Dave Ruptash
Lead Programmer
Team Double Doors

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