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Welcome to Double Door Games Development logs. On this platform we will post various updates about our project called ‘Captain Starshot’, such as design choices, art mock ups and tools used or created. We look forward to getting feedback from…..

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Development Log #11 – AI voices

CaptainAdmin | June 27, 2019

Hello there Captains, Today we are going to talk about some experimentation we have been doing during the development of captain starshot. While developing captain starshot we have been experimenting with AI generated voice lines, which have successfully made it…..

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Development Log #10 – Release is upon us!

CaptainAdmin | June 7, 2019

Hello there Captains, Our exciting but difficult adventure full of long hours, countless conversations and brain crushing work has finally brought us to this moment. With great pride we can finally announce that Captain Starshot has arrived! As you know,…..

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Development Log #9 – Homestretch

CaptainAdmin | May 31, 2019

Welcome back, Captain. The team has been hard at work on the finishing touches for most of the games features. Here is a little bit of what you can expect to play very soon. Upgrades! Augment your captain and crew…..

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Development Log #8 – Space Improvement

CaptainAdmin | May 17, 2019

Greetings Captains,This past week we have been focusing on making improvements in the Space section of our game. Here is a sample of our soundtracks for space for you to enjoy while you read this post! Based on feedback, we…..

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Development Log #7 – Captain Starshot back to work.

CaptainAdmin | May 10, 2019

Welcome back captain. Having returned from a 3 week holiday the team is ready to get back to work. The focus right now is to get the game ready for early access. This means tying up loose ends and making…..

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Development Log #6 – Work, aliens and more work.

CaptainAdmin | April 2, 2019

Hey Captains! We have been hard at work for the past month. Discussing, creating and iterating to alien perfection. (Also, check out this amazing icon —->) Because of our long lasting silence this will be a double update! So without…..

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Development Log #5 – The Return!

CaptainAdmin | February 15, 2019

Hello Captains, For the past 2 weeks the team has enjoyed a well deserved vacation, but now we are back and ready to work. Before we left for vacation however we showcased the game at Breda University of Applied Sciences…..

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Development Log #4 ~Art/Audio Update!

CaptainAdmin | January 18, 2019

Welcome back Captain,This week we have been busy on implementing a lot of art and perfecting the image of our game. We hope you enjoy the following and look forward to hearing feedback. Our first player ship. This will be…..

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Development Log #3 ~Action Time

DoubleDoor Games | January 11, 2019

Greetings Captain, For our vertical slice design-wise we aim to deliver a fun, challenging and engaging experience of players boarding a ship, navigating through its rooms accompanied by your squad whilst facing off against the enemy crew. Creating that gameplay…..

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Development Log #2 ~ PCG Magic

DoubleDoor Games | December 14, 2018

Hello everyone, This week we have been hard at work on a tool to create procedural levels in our game, we called the tool Universe Tool. Our brave team of programmers have been working with QT to provide a tool…..

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